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Re-thinking 100_prompts

I'm posting a lot. Sorry. After last week's episode, I just don't have it in me to work with Ben/Ilana on this table, so I've asked to work with a different pairing in a different fandom. Yeah, I know. Weird. But actually no. It's from the show Dead Like Me. If you've ever seen it you'll know who I ship. George and Rube. <3 I know he's like, a lot older than her (like, I don't know over a 100 years) but still. I like the pairing a lot. And really, he's only in his forties or so. Okay it's weird. Whatever. I was just never a George/Mason person and I can't stand Daisy and anyone together, really. George and Rube just have this connection. Chemistry. So that's who I'll be writing for this.

001. Mistakes 002. Heartfelt 003. Fading Away 004. Spirit 005. Choose
006. Immortal 007. Open Your Eyes 008. Electrify 009. Starlight 010. Sacrifice
011. Honour 012. Bite 013. Commit 014. Fake 015. Tender
016. Trouble 017. Final 018. Waiting 019. Awareness 020. Turn Away
021. Searching 022. Hands of Fate 023. Irresistable 024. Easy 025. Breathing
026. Stumble 027. Fighting 028. Closing In 029. Involved 030. Destiny
031. Sweet 032. Calling 033. Nightmare 034. Flat 035. Superstar
036. Spider Web 037. Haunted 038. Rich 039. Everybody 040. Meant No Harm
041. Apple 042. Darling 043. Name 044. By My Side 045. Mountains
046.Writer's Choice 047.Writer's Choice 048.Writer's Choice 049.Writer's Choice 050.Writer's Choice
Tags: category: 100_prompts, character: george lass, character: rube sofer, fiction: dead like me
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