and i'm absolutely flawless (weatheredlaw) wrote in previousdreams,
and i'm absolutely flawless

sonata for a good man

Title: sonata for a good man
Author: weatheredlaw
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: Character death, season 5
Summary: He's not a biologist, but he's human
Notes: For lost_in_108

Daniel feels the bullet before the hurt. (like the flash before the bang)

He looks down, aware now that he’s going to die. (he’s not a biologist, but he’s human)

Richard’s form glazes over and he falls. Knees to ground, dirt in his palms, on his back. (he never meant to pull the trigger)

And there she is, like he has always remembered her. Piano keys, really. Her face is like a final sonata. (it was always her)

You. He feels his heart speed up before it begins to slow down. (feels it leap into his throat)

Her face is the last thing he sees. (finally here, together.)
Tags: category: lost_in_108, character: daniel faraday, character: eloise hawking, fiction: lost, rating: pg
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