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five, six, grab your crucifix

Title: five, six, grab your crucifix
Author: weatheredlaw
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: Speculation for 6x15, "Across the Sea"
Summary: The sea is an inappropriate mirror.
For lost_in_108 prompt 32, "reflection"

The boy drops a bloody knife to the ground and retches in the grass.

You’ll get used to it his brother says, and Jacob can hear the smirk in his voice.

So many years later and it still isn’t easy. Esau cackles from beyond the tree line, a metallic and bitter sound that aches more than the blood on his hands.

Jacob looks into the ocean and sees his brother’s face, always his opposite, always a part of him. I will never be like you.

Saint Jacob Esau mocks. Don’t you know it’s too late?

Jacob turns to the jungle and smiles. Yes, I do, brother. For you.
Tags: category: lost_in_108, character: esau, character: jacob, fiction: lost, rating: pg
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